SCE Professor Pu Qianhui led delegation to visit UON

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Dean of SCE Professor Pu Qianhui led delegation to visit UON

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Professor Pu Qianhui the Dean of the School of Civil Engineering (hereinafter referred as SCE), Professor Fu Haiying the Deputy Dean of SCE, Professor Liu Xianfeng the Deputy Director of the Department of Road and Railway Engineering, and Dr. Yuan Ran the Secretary of International Education were invited to University of Newcastle (UON), Australia, for a four-day visit from 3rd to 7th, December, 2018. This visit aimed to establish a comprehensive cooperation with UON in teaching and academic research, boost substantial progress of international exchange and cooperation of SCE, and provide support for the establishment of world first-class discipline. UON is an important stop in the process that our school seeks for global strategic partners.

Agenda for this visit comprised four parts: seeking precise docking with geotechnical research group and structural engineering research group at UON, discussing teaching and research cooperation memorandum with UON, participating in colloquia together with Chinese doctors in UON and visiting civil engineering laboratory at UON.

Professor Rob Melchers and Professor Stephen Fityus, leading all members of structural engineering research group and geotechnical research group respectively, met the delegation of SCE. Following a brief introduction made by Professor Liu Xianfeng to the history and research orientation of SCE of SWJTU, there has been a heated discussion about topics they concerned for developing precise cooperation between two sides. For UON has been conducting intensive study on corrosion of materials in marine environment, Professor Pu further came up with the cooperation on solution to pier corrosion of long-span bridge over deep water, on the basis of which further comprehensive cooperation may be proceeded with. As Professor Fu has said, UON has been leading across the world in rock and soil mechanics calculation and geotechnical laboratory establishment, and noticeable achievement has been made by SCE in related disciplines (such as pavement and railway engineering, underground engineering, geotechnical engineering, etc.). Therefore, he expressed the wish that both sides jointly set up research platform and promote in-depth cooperation among teachers.

Later, Professor Pu and Professor Fu attended the meeting with Mark Jones, Head of the School of Engineering at UON and his assistant, Associate Professor Grant Webber, discussing the cooperation memorandum between two schools and their collaborative program on double major. When it came to the over-1700 km-long Sichuan-Tibet railway which is from Chengdu, Sichuan to Lasa, Tibet, Professor Pu said two end sections of Chengdu-Yaan section and Lasa-Linzhi had been in progress of construction, while the construction of remaining sections in-between which cover major projects of railway lines, bridges and tunnels, and involve complicated geotechnical problems such as seasonal frozen soil, high geothermal and high crustal stress, etc., was a hard nut to crack for the whole construction of Sichuan-Tibet railway. Thus, Professor Pu, on behalf of SCE of SWJTU, a leading school of its kind in China, invited scientists from all over the world to participate in this world-class project. Meanwhile, he also invited Professor Mark Jones and all staff of the School of Engineering to visit SWJTU and expressed sincere welcome to them. In response to Professor Pu s invitation, Professor Mark Jones showed great interest in the project and confidence in the initiative of comprehensive cooperation with SWJTU and joint establishment of international united research platform, which he believed, with UONs advantages in basic research on structural and geotechnical engineering, would lead to win-win prospect for both schools, looking forward to substantial progress of their cooperation. Besides, Professor Fu and Associate Professor Grant Webber have exchanged their views about undergraduate short-term exchange, postgraduate double major program and joint training doctoral program, discussing related details. As a result, Professor Pu and his counterpart have signed the teaching and research cooperation memorandum, marking the initiating of comprehensive cooperation between two schools.

As the third part of this visit, the delegation participated in colloquia together with Chinese doctors of UON. Professor Pu began with an introduction to the historical development of SCE and its major projects, arousing present students interest and interaction. At the same time, Professor Pu offered an olive branch to all present doctoral students, inviting them to work for SCE at SWJTU after graduation and explaining the talent recruitment policy of SCE at length. As he cited, the construction of Sichuan-Tibet railway offer international talents an important opportunity and platform to show their talents. Just as the ancient poem says, I urge lord of heaven will brace up again, and send down talents of all kinds, SCE, having been embracing the wish of recruiting more talents, invite experts at home and abroad to work together at SCE and make contribution to transportation cause in China. Furthermore, Professor Fu introduced the SCEs notion, design and planning of internationalization and encouraged job applicants for SCE for establishing world first-class discipline through joint efforts.

At last, Director of UON Laboratory Center Lachlan Bates, led the delegation of SCE to visit Civil Engineering Laboratory, which focuses on development and application of research facilities, aiming at toping global research. Owing to advanced equipment, group research work has been in orderly progress, providing support for breakthrough over basic research and engineering project. The laboratory features its high-level management and orderly operation, processing workshop and mechanical and electrical engineers provided for intended use of supporting the secondary development and updating of lab apparatus. Finally, Professor Pu and Professor Fu expressed their deep admiration for the schools laboratory research and its management, and welcomed Professors to come to SCE and develop long-term exchange and cooperation.

Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence for Geotechnical Science and Engineering (CGSE) in UON, taking geotechnical mechanics as the main discipline, collaborated with the University of Western Australia and University of Wollongong to set up the only ARC Centre for Excellence for the discipline of geotechnical engineering which amounts to national key laboratory in China. The structural performance of the centre and the reliability, security, and endurance of the research conducted by Reliability Research Centre on structure, bridges, pipeline, aviation and other structural system are at the world-leading level. During the four-day visit to UON, the delegation of SCE were warmly welcomed by all staff of the School of Engineering at UON, and supported by Chinese Professors Sheng Daichao, Huang Jinsong and Wang Shanyong, they have signed the comprehensive strategic cooperation plan with the School of Engineering at UON, as well as established deep friendship between two sides. This visit has brought great success!


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