Professor Ronald Kerry visited the School of Civil Engineering

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Professor Ronald Kerry visited the School of Civil Engineering

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Ronald Kerry, the Queens University Professor and chief scientist on Environment Geotechnics Engineering, visited the School of Civil Engineering (hereinafter referred to as SCE) on Jun 1st at the invitation of Dean Pu Qianhui of SCE, Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU). Professor Rowe is the academician of National Academy of Engineering (NAE), Fellowship of the Royal Society (FRS), Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE), the Royal Society of Canada (RSC) and Canadian Academy of Engineering (FCAE).

President Xu Fei of SWJTU met with Professor Rowe on Xi Pu campus and issued a certificate of Honorary Professor at 9:30 a.m. Present at the meeting were dean Pu Qianhui and deputy dean Fu Haiying of SCE, Zheng Haitao, deputy director of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Professor Chen Rong, Liu Xianfeng, Liu Kewen, and Yuan Ran of SCE. President Xu first extended a warm welcome to Professor Rowe''s visit to SWJTU and highly praised his remarkable achievements in the field of international geotechnical engineering. Xu said SWJTU has an advantage of core discipline in high-speed railway and is highly concerned about the development of civil and geotechnical engineering. It is hoped that Professor Rowe will take Chengdu and Southwest Jiaotong University as new starting points in his life and offer strong support for international cooperation and exchange of education and scientific research , especially for the development of geotechnical engineering. Professor Rowe thanked President Xu Fei and Southwest Jiaotong University for the warm reception, saying that he was deeply impressed by SWJTUs achievements in engineering, especially transportation and high-speed railway construction, and he was looking forward to the collaboration with Southwest Jiaotong University and with SCE in particular. At the end of the meeting, President Xu Fei and dean Pu Qianhui presented gifts to Professor Rowe respectively.

At 10: 30 a.m., Professor Rowe visited the National Engineering Laboratory for Technology of Inland Geological Disaster Prevention and Wind Tunnel Laboratory, showing great interest in the size and projects involved. He also visited the State Key Laboratory of Traction Power and the Education Ministrys Key Laboratory of High-speed Railway Engineering from 2:30 4:00 p.m. Het was received with hospitality by all the laboratory members and Yan Zhibin and Sun Yanguo gave Professor Rowe a comprehensive and detailed explanation in English. Professor Rowe sang high praise for the internationalization level of SCE.

At 4: 00 p.m., Professor Rowe delivered the 2017 Terzaghi Lecture, entitled Protecting the Environment with Geosynthetics: Success and Challenges in the Multifunctional Room of Jinghu Guesthouse. The report detailed the experiment and research on Geosynthetics over the years by Professor Rowe and his team. The room was filled to capacity and the audience were so interested in this humorous report and had an active interaction with Professor Rowe who answered the questions from Zhang Jianjing of SCE, Chen Jiannan of the Faculty of Geosciences and Environmental Engineering and other teachers and students.

As an international pioneer on Environment Geotechnics Engineering and Geosynthetics, Professor Ronal Rowe has published more than 340 papers in international journals included in SCI. He is acknowledged as the most prolific and accomplished geotechnical engineer by his generation. The international cooperation and exchange of SCE, the internationalization of education is steadily advancing with new ideas, new plans and new measures. Professor Rowes joining in SCE has injected new vitality and brought new opportunities for our college, and opened up a new chapter in the internationalization work.


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